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Home/Lighting Automation

Infinity Collection Touch Switches new  

Infinity collection of switches rewrites the rules of design, making your home stand out from the pack!

Touch Switch

retrofit feather touch glass switches for control of lighting devices

Surface Touch

programmable feather touch (360 touch technology) glass switches for home/lighting automation


central hub responsible for providing the browser based interface for control and monitoring


hardware level hub for bridging core and modules (lighting & infrared)

Lighting Module

controls all your lighting devices such as lights (PL/TL/LED/CFL/Halogen), fans & any motorized mechanism

Infrared Control Module

controls all your infrared devices such as TV,AC (incl temp),DVD,Amplifier ...

IR Lighting Remote

handy accessory used to control lighting modules across the home


multi-io generic input programmable to control mood lighting and AV devices


full SIP 2.0 IP PBX server built with industry standard applications and embedded fan-less hardware to unify all your communication devices

Multi-room Audio/Video (Media) Server

centrally manage & stream all your media content (audio,video & photos) with DDHOMEBOX robust server


Video Intercom

touch hands-free video intercom with picture storage