DD Home/Lighting Automation


Digital Dreams Touch switches is a highly innovative touch sensitive light switch for homes replacing your conventional switches with a sleek and refined design which simplifies life and makes your home more smart & efficient. The basic idea behind it is simplicity and ease of use. It controls lights, blinds, scenes, … in a simple and intuitive way while providing a platform which can be expanded to comprehensive home / lighting automation using BLE / Wifi / Network. It offers various combinations of lighting loads such as capacitive FAN dimming, phase dimming, curtain / relay in 3 different variants. 1dot3, 1dot5, 2dot6 All of the above have an integrated back-lit LED for lighting load status and navigational LED for identifying the touch switch in the dark.

Besides the discrete functions of the lighting loads it offers additional new functionality

Room Toggle - All ON / OFF The room toggle makes it possible to switch lights on and off in a room with one simple touch / slide gesture. This functionality offers an unequaled ease of use as with a simple touch gesture the lights are switched on or off

Single Color LED feedback - Status of lighting load This makes it possible to identify which lighting loads are ON at any given point of time - hence simplifying use

Dark room LED - Helps navigate to the touch switches in the dark

Application Area

  •  Retail & SOHO
  •  Office buildings
  •  Residential complexes
  •  Educational facilities
  •  Hospitality
  •  Government institutions

Intro Video



  •  Capacitive Fan Dimming Technology - No more fan noise at low speed!
  •  Feather Touch Buttons
  •  Hybrid Module
  •  Retrofit
  •  Toughened Glass with 0.3mm Chamfer
  •  Infrared, Bluetooth & Wifi Control
  •  Smartphone / Tablet controlled