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Touch hands-free video intercom with picture storage & integrated 4 zone security system.

Application Area

  •  Residential Building
  •  Residential Township
  •  Smart Cities


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  •  Feather touch buttons
  •  Hands-free full duplex audio
  •  Integrated image capture & storage
  •  Toughened glass with 0.3mm chamfer
  •  Digital connectivity
  •  Up to 4096 extensions

Basic Usage


Variants in multiple of 256 upto 4096 lines
Power Input160 - 280V 50Hz
BBU12V One Battery of required AH rating
Power Consumption25 - 100 Watts
Extension Card8/16 Lines
1 pair Extension Tel. along with Panic s/w with CLI facility
Display unit & Paging unit

N1 Technology

The DigitalDreams platform is designed with multi micro-controller environment featuring distributed architecture & digital connectivity. The use of N1 Technology allows you to divide the entire system into smaller modules as per the premises. This helps save huge wiring costs otherwise. Further more N1 Tech. makes the entire system transport both in functionality as well as in programming it as one unit. A unit that is actually divided into smaller units. What's more, the system is fully expandable up to any size and capacity.

Digital Display Unit

A visual display unit at the security which indicates current time and incoming call extension number. Also, it has a hooter attached to it which is activated in case of PANIC situation.


  •  Interactive Voice Response System
  •  Automatic Call Booking on Security Extension
  •  Hot-line to Security Extension
  •  Intercom Facility
  •  5 party Conference
  •  Talking Caller-ID
  •  Super Auto callback
  •  Voice Confirmation on last call received
  •  Ext. to Ext. calling with DND & Call Blocking

Other macro society benefits include Meeting Call, Time Alarm, Vendor Call, Paging Port, Talking CLI, Programmable Passage Light Controller, Message Broadcasting, Reminder Call, Panic Button, Security Alert Call Watch Dog